Basic Beginning Tips on Brand Logo Design Creation

Logo Design is one of the most important strategies in your business Brand Creation. Logo is the face of your brand or business; it is a first impression which helps you to gain value from a customer to the corporate world.?Brand logo design should be able to communicate your company ethos, principles, mission and the nature of product or service offered.?In this article I have share some basic essential tips for logo design which help you to make appropriate and distinctive face for your business branding.

The Logo Mission:

The First & very important step is Be Clear about values and goals of your company. And then plan your brand message to convey so that your logo can clearly reflect that message. Always remember logo is only one part of your brand creation.

Be Simple:

Simplicity is the Key to Business Success. Most of the successful brand logos are absolutely simple and it is always easier to remember and recognize a simple design than to identify a complicated artwork. Create a simple logo design as keeping in mind that the viewer should be able to understand what has been drawn.

Use Typography:

A default fashion industry standard, Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type and modifying type designed contents. Typography style helps you to create smart logo designs. This is one of great feature which gives simple, easy, unique & well-designed professional logo design. Make sure you are using a readable font.

Color Theory:

Selection of color theme in logo design is a most essential role. Before selecting colors for your brand logo you have to study & understand connection between consumers and color through researching the target market. e.g. Blue is a corporate color and for a stylish company, the reds and blacks.


Use Shape:

Simple basic shapes of circles, squares and triangles work beautifully in Logo design. Shapes look very effective in logos because of their simplicity. The most important part of shapes has meanings:

The Circle – Eternity, Continuity & Protective or Infinite

The Square – Stability, Equality & Honesty

The Triangle – Action, Conflict & Hierarchy

Creating a unique Brand Logo Design on simple ideas that provides perfect face for your company, this is the most productive path for your business growth. ?Please comment back if you have more tips or any suggestions about logo design.


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