Custom Webdesign Vs. Template Based Websites

I hope all of you are having a fantastic start of 2014. I am back with some of my basic but vital thoughts on the occasion of Republic Day of India. I believe it will help them, who are about to get their first website live over the Wild – Wide – Web 🙂

Seriously, internet is growing wild with its wide reach – from our laptops, smartphones, gadgets, televisions, even on our wrist watch, cameras and fridge which we hardly have imagined about. We are surrounded with knowledge and information everywhere, still I found many of us not able to reach up to helpful basic information.

I always get the chance to meet our prospects & to understand their project requirements. I found, many of them are not sure which type of websites they actually wants to go for. Most of the organisations or individuals who wants to have their online presence gets confused between choosing right agency. As some of the agencies offer them cost effective generic websites loaded with lots of (sales oriented) bells & whistles while other agencies like “we” with serious approach offering process driven custom web design & development. Being a customer we always gets attracted towards cost. Pretty obvious!! As it’s our natural instinct and need of current volatile situations where everyone is keen to gain maximum returns with possible small investment. Whatever you invest for your business make sure you invest it right. I found many of our prospects to whom I met during follow ups, chose to go for template based web services or being a beginner they also try their hands on Do It Yourself (DIY) models.


As the time passes they start realising the scope and limitations of their website. Template based or DIY type of website may fail when it comes to scalability. The main problem of such websites are they are built on generic case study which are not suitable for every one. Every business have their own way of work, set of clients, their own marketing & promotional plans though they are working in same business domain. So how can we use similar designs, list of modules and templates for identical business of same domain? Most of the portals sells the same template to their client by just changing logo, colors and images. They get your website live within few hours as they do not create something new for their customers which ultimately results them low engagement and so the lower production cost. They charge you on monthly or yearly subscription basis. But they charge you every year till you continue with them.

On the other hand serious design agencies who are providing custom web solutions invest their time and efforts for their customers. They try to understand your requirement deeply, considering maximum aspects of your business needs. Such agencies actually helps you to get right web solution suitable to nature of your business, by bridging the gaps through one on one discussions and consultation. They produce websites which actually communicates and present your business to your prospects. Every visual or functional asset on custom website has a valid cause. Obviously it will cost you more than the other models but this will be your one time investment. Against these charges you get professional consultation, service & freedom to have your own website with complete ownership.

Many portals providing generic template based websites or DIY type of websites also track your onsite inquiries and sale that information as sales leads to others. Well this is something serious!!

To make it more simple template based websites are like renting a home where you have to pay them a small amount every month until you use that and we find it easy on our pocket too. But what if you want to buy your own home? How much does it cost & why? what are the benefits of your own home?

I think you got the answer!! So share your thoughts, ask your doubts for more insight on this topic. We will try our best to help you on your questions if any.

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