Developing Website for your Real Estate Business? Here are our suggestions!

We have developed quiet a few successful Real Estate websites for our local and international clients within the span of last 9+ years. On the basis of that I would like to share some of our own aspects & experiences with all of you. I am sure, it will be helpful for those who are looking to develop or enhance their Real Estate Websites.

At Prismic Reflections we have developed websites for Real Estate Builders & Developers, Individual Agents or Brokers & classified property listing portals. Following are few of the points which I think one must consider while he is planning for his own website for his real estate business.

Plan your website for your valuable audience
We all know about internet & power of its penetration. Considering same, I strongly suggest you to plan your website by keeping your audiences at center. Make sure your website communicates well regarding your products or services. If you are a part of real estate company, make sure your website has a proper space to communicate about your projects. which will contain all necessary information regarding your currently ongoing ?& upcoming projects. Talk less about your self and more about your projects, because as a customer we humans are always have more interest in products than the companies which build them.?Engage your customers through your website by asking them to register on your website, share the progress of the project which they have invested in or shows interest. You can also use the social media for sharing your project related updates, new projects to be launched in near future or if you launching any festive offers etc.

Many real estate developers also go for micro sites for each of their new projects. It could help you to do the focused digital branding of particular real estate project & help in your promotion extensively and thus ensuring good return on your investment.

Website for Real Estate Agents/Consultants?
Having your own website will always help you to grow your business, ?no matter if you are an individual real estate agent or a group of real estate consultants providing set of valuable services to your clients & dealing in bunch of properties. You can use your website to highlight your individual profile & the properties you have currently to buy, sell or rent. Go for a blog where you could share some free consultation or legal advises to your audiences which could offer you new business in future & help in your indirect marketing.

Building your Real Estate Classified?Listing Portal
Narrow down & find your niche if you are planning for building any classified listing portal. One of our client have developed their classified listing website which deals only in “Stud Farms” and relative real estate properties. Similarly we have other client who have his website which allows you to search and browse “Water Front Properties“. As a result they get higher exposure & rankings in search result for their local searches.

Make sure you site offers flexible and user friendly system to list their properties. Engage & build some process which will make your site more trust worthy for your users such as verify the agents and registered users by setting up some smart user verification processes & moderation.

I believe, search & filter module plays a vital role in these classified listing real estate websites. Get your web design agency involved to make it more simplified for your users and make sure you get the upmarket tools & technologies from them. Get them involved in enhancing your overall project. Web agency can help you to make your project more sustainable for future. Don’t forget to demand for responsive & SEO friendly codes. It will help search engines to digest the content easily from your website.

You can even consider and plan to have a mobile app in order to gain more exposure and convenience for your users. It could be a part of your brand promotion strategy.

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