New Year & New Approach Towards Rich Web/UI Experience

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wishing you all a very Happy & successful New Year 2014 from team Prismic Reflections®.

Many a times we come across the websites which are poorly crafted & designed. And believe me I have seen big organisations who are less enthusiastic about their web presence and functional & visual user experience. There are some great online tools or SAAS applications, they have everything about functionality but when it comes to UX my thumb goes down!! For example, take a look through Eventum, its a free project management tool available over internet, very strong & powerful. Of course, it is a product from Oracle family. But it has a boring user interface which reminds me the designs produced in 1999-2000. Being a web engineer, I honestly feel that it is our responsibility to create a healthy web all around whenever we get chance to work on any project. We, at Prismic Reflections®, always strive to give our best suggestions to our clients and help them to choose the better user experience for their targeted audience with the help of our team of PHP Developers & UI Designers.

I have seen many articles over internet, they always speaks about quality visual designs, layouts, beautiful fonts, setting & following brand style guides, CSS trends & style sheets, semantic HTML coding, jQuery effects, effective use of icons & info graphics, grid system, wire-framing and list goes on….

I feel, enhancing user experience (UX) is not just limited up to best front end/visual designing, colors or beautiful images? & I found people considering that it is the responsibility of designing team only. Rather, it also comes under developer’s territory as well where web developers can take active part and work with designers to create Brilliant UX. Developers knows the business logic of their project in and out. We always get our PHP Developers involved while discussing our wire frames and doing some trial on our whiteboard. And believe me ,they provide some fabulous inputs which takes the project towards new dimension. It has to be a collective effort of entire team by doing brain storming & scribbling and scratching few ideas while initial phase of project. I think most popular & perfect example to support this thought is Google, where they have provided us many tools such as Google Drive, Google Webmaster tools, Gmail all under one brand and brand style guide yet to satisfy your logical and visual needs & most importantly they are free for all.

All these efforts ensures a direct growth in your overall hit counts, almost three times & thus ensures your every penny count which you pay to get your project done successfully!

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